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Friday, October 30, 2020

What Are The Best Glasses For My Face Shape?

We all have different face shapes. Some have an oval face, some have a square shape and there is other shapes as  well like - diamond shape, heart-shaped and oblong shape.

 Let us tell you, what type of frame shape would be perfect for your face.

 The Round face:

 You have a round face when you have:

  1. Fuller cheekbones
  2. Rounded chin
  3. Length and width similarly proportionate.

 Frames style:

  1. Bold details - This will understate the fullness of your cheek.
  2. Rounder frames - it makes your face slimmer
  3. Movable nose pads - to prevent it from resting in your cheeks.

 Celebrities with round face - Mila Kunis, Aziz Ansari.

 The square face:

 You have a square face when:

  1. Broad deep forehead
  2. Square chin
  3. Wide Jaw

 Frames style:

  1. Neutral colours: Makes face slimmer and softer
  2. Round or oval shape frames: Curved lines will lessen the sharp facial features.
  3. Thinner frames - Makes sweet-toned and natural look

 Celebrities with round face - Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber.

 The Heart-Shaped Face

 You have a heart-shaped face when:

  1. Wide forehead
  2. Small and pointed chin
  3. High and defined cheekbones

 Frames style:

  1. Frames wider than the forehead - It helps in minimizing the forehead size and chin look wider
  2. Avoid bottom-heavy frames - Draws attention to the top of the face.
  3. Subtle colours - Will soften your features.

 Celebrities: Eva Longoria, Ryan Gosling.

 The oval shape:

 You have an oval shape face when:

  1. Narrow chin
  2. Slightly wider cheekbones
  3. Balanced features

 Frames style:

  1. Fun colours, textures:
  2.  Bold shapes - Square, cat eye, softly rounded frame but try to avoid oversized frames.
  3. Evenly proportioned - Oversized or too-small frames can imbalance a face's proportions.

 Celebrities with round faces - Rihana, George Clooney.

 The Oblong Face

 You have an oblong shape when:

  1. Long, slender, face
  2. Longnose and high cheekbones.
  3. Tail forehead

 Frames style:

  1. Tall rims - Helps in creating a balanced facial structure.
  2. Wide rims with colourful tops - Adds width to your forehead.

 Celebrities: Meryl Streep and Will Smith.

 The Diamond-Shaped Face

 You have a Diamond shape face when:

  • Narrow eyes
  • Full cheeks
  • Narrow forehead and jawline

 Frames style:

  • Wide rims - To balance the face.
  • Frames with pointed lines - Compliments the angular facial features.
  • Top-heavy semi-rimless styles

 Celebrities: Megan Fox and Ryan Reynolds.

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