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You must have complained to yourself on how you are not taking care of your eyes. Those long online meetings, late-night deadline submissions, assignments, presentation, online classes and with this comes the complications of eyes. We know it is affecting our eyes. 

In Nepal, there have been increasing cases of Computer vision syndrome. With increasing screen time due to the usage of laptops and mobiles, every one of us has been damaging our eyes. You can start to develop blurred vision at an early age, you can get dry eyes with headaches and also develop migraines.  There is difficulty in sleeping, especially for children. This is also called Computer vision syndrome.

Two questions for you:

1) What are you doing about the health of your eyes?

2) When was the last time you checked your eyes due to growing screen time or just even a general check-up to know how weak your eyes have gotten?

We bet some of you rarely have.

One has to be cautious. It is difficult to control the screen time due to the growing work commitments and our children’s online education, but we can mitigate the effect of screen time by a regular check-up and using quality optical wear.

We avoid wearing Optical wear or Prescription glasses. We don’t go for eye-check up because we fear that we will have to wear glasses. We feel insecure that we will be judged. But nobody will take care of our eyes, we are the ones who have to. 

The other very important reason for avoiding prescription glasses is not having a variety of choices of styles of frames. We rarely take Prescription glasses as part of our wardrobe.

With this very purpose, NetraKart is established to help you take care of your eyes. We are Nepal's first eyewear e-commerce platform which has a variety of Optical wear, Prescription glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses. In pursuit of our goal, we have collaborated with Vision Concern, Nepal’s first ISO certified eye clinic, who have been in this eye service industry for over 12 years.  We have 3 retail stores running in Kathmandu.

We have introduced, probably the first of its kind services in Nepal for you:

1) Eye check-up at your home: We are the first online optical wear platform that provides eye check-up at home service. We have experienced and certified optometrist coming at your home to conduct eye check-up of you and your family. So that we can recommend appropriate optical wear from the range of stylish frames that complement your personality. For making an appointment, click in this link

2) Home try-on frames: We understand how difficult and confusing is to choose a frame that compliments and style unless you try it. You can choose at least five frames from our website, which includes a wide range of optical wears, contact lenses, and sunglasses. We will deliver these five frames at your home, which you can keep for five days and choose one or more among these.  For selecting the frames, click in this link

Wearing proper glasses does help in mitigating the effects of the screen time. 

So, what are you doing about the health of your eyes? When was the last time you checked your eyes due to growing screen time or just even a general check-up to know how weak your eyes had gotten?

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